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Chinese Herbology in the West

Ancient Oriental Healing Tradition Brings New Opportunities to the West

In recent years, the healing properties of natural herbal remedies have received wide public attention and medical validation in the West. In China, on the other hand, the therapeutic powers of healing herbal formulas have been universally accepted and applied for thousands of years. Medicinal Herbology has been developed and refined by herbalists over many centuries. 

Now with growing recognition in the West of the healing powers of Chinese herbs, there is an increasing demand for practitioners trained with the ancient knowledge and technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal healing. This dramatic increase in demand for alternatives to western medicine has created new career opportunities for many. 

In fact, there is such a growing demand for Chinese herbal medicine, that patients often expect Western health practitioners to have at least some basic knowledge of herbs and holistic herbal remedies. Of course, having a working knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the effective use of Medicinal Herbs is ideal.

Comprehensive Education in Chinese Herbology

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture comprise the two pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and naturally complement each other. However, the practice of the ancient art of Chinese Herbology is a healing system complete within itself. Chinese Herbology can also be used effectively to supplement Western medical practices, both conventional and alternative.

Learning Traditional Chinese Medicine involves thinking about health and disease in ways that are unfamiliar to our common medical understanding; adopting a holistic approach to medicine. Unlike conventional Western medical practice which typically treats symptoms without addressing underlying causes, Traditional Chinese Medicine uses sophisticated assessment techniques and diagnoses to understand the deeper levels of systemic imbalance that create the symptoms. The goal of treatment is to bring the entire organism back into harmony; holistically.

ICH was founded in 1986 by two Westerners with combined 50 years of experience in the study and practice of Chinese medicine.

The Institute of Chinese Herbology is a school uniquely qualified to provide instruction in Traditional Chinese Medicine: to bridge the two cultures and make this Eastern healing wisdom understandable and practical in the West.

The proven effectiveness of The Institute of Chinese Herbology’s educational approach is the result of the founders’ extensive backgrounds in Chinese Medicine. The founders paid specific attention to finding the right instructors, chosen for their ability to clearly impart their knowledge of this ancient healing wisdom through academically concise Western teaching methods. 

We look forward to including you in our group of talented and motivated students. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you. Please call us at (800) 736-0182 or e-mail us at info@ich-herbschool.com.