Institute of Chinese Herbology School


With Growing Recognition in the West as to the Healing Powers of Chinese Herbs, There is an Increased Demand for Properly Trained Practitioners; Creating New Career Opportunities for Students Who Dedicate Themselves to Learning Chinese Herbology.

Learning about Chinese Medicine Involves Thinking about Health and Disease in Ways that are Unfamiliar to Our Common Medical Understanding. Unlike Conventional Western Medical Practice Which Typically Treats Symptoms without Addressing the Underlying Causes, Chinese Medicine uses Sophisticated Assessment Techniques to Understand the Deeper Levels of Systematic Imbalance that Create Symptoms. 

Our Program will give you this Knowledge of Healing.

Program One

Foundation Courses

Learn the Fundamental concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine including causes of disease, patterns of disharmony and diagnostic methods. Program One gives the student an in depth presentation of the major therapeutic principles of Chinese Herbology.

Program Two

Professional Courses

Program Two continues with an in depth study of the Chinese herbal system (including differential diagnosis) specifically designed for traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM) graduates, other health professionals or graduates of ICH Program One.


Program Three

Clinical Training

Upon completion of Program One and Two, this Program gives the student the opportunity to work closely with an instructor to improve their diagnostic and herbal formulation abilities.

Institute of Chinese Herbology, Online Education, Concord, CA