Therapeutic Principles Of Chinese Herbs


A thorough presentation of the important therapeutic principles of Chinese Herbology. Each class covers a group of related herbs, formulas, disease complexes and associated symptoms and signs. All previously discussed herbs are reviewed and approximately 100 new herbs are introduced. Includes new samples.

  • CLASS 1: Clearing Heat and Fire; Herbs and Formulas
  • CLASS 2, 3: Dryness, Yin Deficiency, Deficiency Fire; Herbs and Formulas for Tonifying Yin and Clearing Deficiency Fire. Kidney Yang Tonics
  • CLASS 4: Relieving the Exterior (Colds/ Flus); New Herbs and Formulas
  • CLASS 5: Dispersing Wind and Damp; Relieving Bi Syndromes (Painful Obstructions, e.g., Arthritis); Herbs and Formulas
  • CLASS 6: Clearing Wetness; Wetness in the Three Burners; Diuretic Herbs (herbs that promote the flow of water and permeate wetness) and Formulas
  • CLASS 7,8: Drying Wetness; Regulating Chi; Relieve Congestion; Herbs and Formulas
  • CLASS 9: Vitalizing Blood; New Herbs and Formulas
  • CLASS 10: Resolving Phlegm; Stopping Coughing; Herbs and formulas
  • CLASS 11: Miscellaneous Yang, Shen (Spirit), Heart, and Chi Herbs and Formulas