Course One TCM Systems Review and Diagnosis/Classic Tonic Herbs and Formulas for Qi and Blood


TCM Systems Review and Diagnosis (4 hours)

A review of important categories and systems of traditional Chinese medicine integrated with a review of crucial diagnostic criteria. This class is a foundation for the study of Chinese herbal medicine. Students find that this seminar not only provides them with a concise review of Chinese theory, but also helps to provide them with a deeper understanding of how to approach clinical diagnosis.

Classic Tonic Herbs and Formulas for Qi and Blood (12 hours)

Classic formulas for Chi and Blood deficiency, Spleen tonics and formulas for chronic Spleen wetness and yang deficiency. This class is essential for working with energy problems (general fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion) and immune deficiency. It also provides a foundation for working with digestive disorders. Also covered in this class: an overview of the history of Chinese medicine, nomenclature for studying herbs, methods of making teas and traditional ways of understanding formulas.