Introduction To Chinese Medicine


The fundamental concepts of traditional Chinese medicine are presented, including causes of disease, patterns of disharmony, and an introduction to diagnostic methods including questioning the patient and reading the tongue and pulse. This course establishes the foundation for studying Chinese herbology.

  • Class 1: Theory of Disease; Contrast of Eastern and Western Perspectives; Hot and Cold, Excess and Deficiency; Six Evils
  • Class 2: The Functions of the Organs in Chinese Medicine; The Fundamental Processes of Chi, Blood and Body Fluids; The Emotions in Chinese Medicine
  • Class 3: Chi, Blood, Yin and Yang; Introduction to the Pulses
  • Class 4: Dysfunction of the Organs; Patterns of Disease; Guides and Charts to Studying Chinese Medicine
  • Class 5: Introduction to Diagnosis; Procedures and Methods of Questioning; Tongue Diagnosis; Questions and Review